We dream, We aspire. We act as ONE.

We dream of cohesion, grounded on nicotine enjoyment. We aspire unity, regardless of consumers’ preference. We act as ONE, preserving the values that bond us together as a whole.

Our reason for being

We exist to safeguard the rights and interests of nearly 20 million Filipino nicotine consumers. We stand to uphold liberal expression and freedom of choice, especially, over how we should personally enjoy nicotine. We communicate to deliver our cause and to empower consumers with reliable information, which they could use to make up their own informed decisions.

About Us


NCUP is a nonprofit national advocacy organization, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on November 12, 2018 as: NICOTINE CONSUMERS UNION OF THE PHILIPPINES (NCUP), INC.

Address: JMN Building, 091 Q Abeto, St., Mandurriao, Iloilo City 5000

Phone: (033) 500-4430 / 0916 925 9217


To help spread reliable, evidence-based information on nicotine consumption, that: [a] provide consumers with a good understanding that may lead them to consider using safer alternatives to cigarettes; [b] will encourage policymakers, the media and other interest groups to take a serious look at tobacco harm reduction as a potential public health policy solution; and, [c] will ensure a strong and cohesive membership of smokers, vapers and other aficionados.


An organization promoting the principle of accommodation, social inclusion and reasonable enjoyment of rights, made available to nicotine users and non-users alike.

Providing a voice for smokers and vapers, in the perspective of consumers, on local health and trade issues.

A continuously growing membership of adult nicotine users (only), proactively responding to the dynamic demands of society.

What We Do

NCUP engages with members and the public via NCUP Files – a weekly livestreaming program, simulcast over YouTube and Facebook LIVE – hosted by NCUP President Anton Israel and Bubot Francisco.

We regularly keep track of regulatory developments, participate in public consultations/hearings and ensure that governing bodies adequately receive NCUP’s perspectives/viewpoints, and get them considered.

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Call for Membership

This is an urgent call for us to gather strength in numbers. The truth about nicotine is under siege. If we don’t act, we stand to lose a lot.

Undisputedly, we are the best representatives of our interests, not the opponents of tobacco or policymakers who neither smoke or vape. Now, if we’ll just let them regulate us (on the basis of misinformation or mere lack of contextual perspective), we ought to be giving away, without much contest, the satisfaction and convenience we truthfully enjoy.

To preserve what we could have, we need your voice, your individual participation. We need to unite and put forward our reason. Please contact us how you can become a member.

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